Activity Description Day Responsibility
Innovation Ideation Helping the youngsters come up with Innovative ideas that have socio-economic benefits in Mier 10 July Layton
Product/Service Development Youngsters develop their apps, website, electronics systems/robotics, graphic designs, business (Business Model Canvas, Cases and Processing), focused on the “Innovation of Speed” with the Bloodhound SSC plugin.

They will work in groups of 5 which are simulated as companies with a leadership structure.

Everyday Mentors
Career Tuesday Career enlightenment, alignment and development from all sectors. Industry leaders will be invited to talk about different career choices. 11 July Mentors + Virtual Speakers
HireGeeks Youngsters will determine and present how many and types of jobs their product/service would possibly create 11 July Gomolemo
Tech Debate The youngsters will debate for a trophy on various Tech topics. Virtually mentored by Tania Twinoburyo. 12 July Mohau and Creston
Lean Startup and Elevator Pitch A session on Lean Startup methodology principles and how to do an Elevator pitch. 13 July Edward and Tiyani
Presentations Dressed in formal, the youngsters will be presenting what they have been working on to a panel of judges, parents, invited guests and the entire group.

The presentation will be cross-live to the concurrent VacWork programmes in Limpopo.

Certificates of participation will be given.

14 July Teams
Product Gallery At end, projects/services will be put on display on the websites of Geekulcha and DEDAT.

The projects/services will be exhibited at various events by the provincial government (DEDaT)

11 October Geekulcha and DEDAT