About the Youth VacWork Programme

The Geekulcha VacWork program takes in a number of high scholars to a real and co-creative working environment, get trained and build projects with ICT tools. Youngsters spend their Holidays With The Geeks. The Geekulcha crew and community get to redistribute their skills/knowledge to the young ones.

The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism seeks to expand and plug the program in rural communities of the Northern Cape. Given that the Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) is coming around the Mier Municipality, the area has been identified as ideal to host the VacWork programme in 2017.

This is part of the Future GeekStars programme:


Youth Digital Economy Join the Ecosystem

This platform to will keep you up-to-date with activities in the Tech and Entrepreneurship in the Northern Cape province. Shall take greater aim in skills development and gives an edge to outstanding individuals to showcase their skills and be exposed to the corporate world for work and collaborative opportunities.

What role can you play?

Explore the Ecosystem

Let's Accelerate Digital Innovation in the Province


We tell you about all the Innovations coming from Northern Cape's Innovators

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Keep up with what the industry is up to. Get exposed and find opportunities

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Live by Code

Tech meet-ups, codefests, hackathons, GeeksConnect and many dev sessions will get you up the game.

Upington Code Festival


Get the right tools to kick-start your journey into Entrepreneurship and make a massive contribution to the economy and in job creation

Entrepreneurs Platform

Core things of the programme

World of ICT

World of ICT

Introducing youngters to the world of ICT

Skills Development

Skills Development

Adding value for own development



Giving a platform to take lead in socio-economic dev

Career Alignment

Career Alignment

Maximizing skills and strengths



Organizing and Managing any enterprise with considerable initiative and risk

Technologies and Innovation

Technologies and Innovation

Exposure to variety of Technologies and Innovation

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