Digitizing The Evolution: Geography, Tourism and Space Innovation

Taking place at the Carnarvon High School, in the Northern Cape - young and unempoloyed youth will build skills and solutions in line with Digitizing the way of life for the growth of the province.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Applications
  • Code
  • Electronics
  • Business

About The Youth VacWork Programme

The Northern Cape VacWork program takes in a number of high scholars to a simulated and co-creative working environment, get trained and build projects with ICT tools. Youngsters spend their Holidays With The Geeks. The DEDAT team, SPU, NCDev Ecosystem, Geekulcha and community get to redistribute their skills/knowledge with their young ones.

Assigned to mentors, the youngsters come up with projects based on the VacWork edition’s theme. They get to experience a real working environment and processes of the job market by reporting to work from 09:00 till 16:00 and send daily feedback.

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The Tech Debate

A debate to get youngsters interested and involved in the Digital Transformation process.

#S1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help us achieve a greener future

#S2: Blockchain Consumer Energy exchange is the best way to energy security.

#S3: Smart Power Grids pose a risk to energy security due to cyber risks.

#S4: Electric vehicles are not the solution to achieving greener environmental goals.

Partners and Sponsors

Organizations helping make the VacWork programme a success

2019 Collaborative Partners of the Programme

VacWork Partners

A Localized Geekulcha Initiative

This is part of the Future Geekstars initiative, grooming Geeks of the future - A Geek Culture of Sustainable Innovation. Become a partner of the Youth VacWork in the Northern Cape province in building ICT and SME skills.

Support the VacWork

Tech Excitation and Enlightenment

Exposing and letting young people play with technologies in building real-life projects per set theme.

Skills Redistribution and Mentorship

University students volunteer as mentors/trainers to transfer skills onto the young people. A team of 5 learners have a mentor allocated to them.

Career Alignment and Development

A CareerTuesday and a Tech Debate form part of the programme to expose young people Digital Transformation and industry.

Objectives of the Programme

The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) and NCDev (localized Geekulcha) aim
to build a vibrant and sustainable ICT and SME scence in the province.

  • Startups Stimulation

    During the programme, more than 10 tech startups are created and the youngsters work on building business cases for the startups with a product or a service.

  • Apps Impact

    With an anticipation of the mLab in the province, youngsters get to come up with sustainable mobile app solutions for socio-economic impact.

  • Skills Pipeline

    As the world gets smarter and smarter, the Northern Cape provinces must be left behind. The VacWork equip youngsters with the skills of tomorrow.

  • Sector Focus

    A theme is set and youngsters innovate for a particular sector. Real-life projects are developed during the week-long programme.

The Curriculum

Mobile Apps Development

During the programme, the participants will build mobile apps using various tools taught by the mentors during the first days. They will get to understand the Mobile Ecosystem and an app economy.

Basics of programming will be taught. At least 3 groups will be formed to focus on mobile apps and they will work with the graphics and business analysis teams to come up with best and standard designs for the apps.

With the anticipation of an mLab in the Northern Cape, it is very critical to increase the popularity and drive of mobile impact solutions in the province starting with the younger generation.

Web Applications Development

With the world going to digital, every business has to have some digital presence and website provide that fast extent in enabling a business to have online presence.

The scholars will be taught about basic web development and design tools to build their site for their innovative solutions.

Wordpress will be a primary tool to use during the period. The mentors will help the participants develop their sites and take it online.

Graphics Design

The groups in graphics design will provide services to other teams by designing the logos, websites and helping with the mobile apps design. Primarily using adobe tools, they will be taught about the different design aspects and how to commercialize their work.

They will also design posters for Career Day, Tech Debate, and Final Presentations during the programme.

Graphics design teams will be judged on all the designs they did and will be required to put their work on an online digital platform for showcase.

Electronics Systems

Hardware aspect of the VacWork programme using arduino as the primary cool teach the participants the basics of electronics. They will use various sensors interfaced to Arduino microcontrollers in building their innovative solutions.

Special mentors on board will be helping them throughout.

In line with Bloodhound, the electronics will be working on motion-based sensors and visualize data in various modes.


Throughout the programme, the youngsters will treat their groups as Tech startups and will be taught about what it takes to build a business. Each team will have a name and clearly state the problem they are solving.

The Business Analysis team will provide business development services to other each. They will be taught about the Business Model Canvas, Business Processes and Market Strategy for a startup.

Lean startup methodology will a key implementation strategy for the programme.

Previous Editions

These are the Youth VacWork programmes that have taken place since 2016

Prieska July 2018

Taking place at the Empilisweni Youth Service Center (YSC), in Prieska - young and unempoloyed youth will build skills and solutions in line with Green Technologies for the sustainability of the province.

Geekulcha Article Tweets

Rietfontein (Kalahari) 2017

The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT), with NCDev, GKSS and DCVH hosted the 2017 edition of the programme.

53 learners with 85% female participated in this edition with a focus on Speed Innovation.

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Nababeep (Namaqualand) 2016

The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT), with NCDev, GKSS and Layyers hosted the 2017 edition of the programme.

Aimed for school learners, the programme was championed by the Nama eSkills Center, Mr James Jonas. About 50 youngsters were taught about ICT and Entrepreneurship skills that they can use to accelerate Digital Transformation in the province.

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